Surge pricing is lame.


  At Cruze, we believe in nightlife made easy

eTuk USA has partnered with Cruze to bring the fun, convenience, and affordability of Tuk Tuk transportation to Colorado, California and beyond. Help us decide where to go next. With friendly and knowledgeable drivers, environmentally clean vehicles, plus a bumping stereo to pair with disco lights, Cruze keeps the party going all the way home! 


No emissions. No surge pricing. No worries.

Just Cruze.


Eco friendly

Room for you plus 5 friends

surround sound and disco lights

why we do it

"During my time as an undergrad I always noticed just how dissatisfied my friends and I were with having to pay $15 to get a ride 2 blocks across campus. And then your driver ends up being a creep. Cruze began with the simple idea of giving students fun and cheap transportation that they actually felt comfortable with. A service where you can be confident in knowing what you pay for and who you are paying. Something that is consistently fun instead of something occasionally sketchy and repeatedly frustrating."

- Jackson Trott, Founder

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